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Every bus & train timetable, real time and wait time data for UK mainland, including TfL
Search for timetables, departures, arrivals, live data, wait times for all buses, trains, trams, ferries UK mainland
Now, you don't need to go to the bus stop to find out when you need to be at the bus stop


Selected buttons show as pink. To get started click on one of the "Search For" buttons below. Further options will show beneath the "Search For" buttons. The Search for Bus icon (red double-decker bus image) and find by Town City are already selected. Whenever you click the bus "Search For" button you will also have to select a "Find By" button beneath it

Please follow any instructions that appear beneath the "Search For" buttons

  • For buses select the double-decker bus button.
  • For trains select the train button.
  • For London Underground select the London Underground Icon button
  • To find your journey select the A to B button

If you don't know the route use the journey planner facility, it will show you the methods you can use to get to your destination

Bus Timetables and Bus Wait Times (Bus Real Time Tracking)

For bus timetables enter the town or city name you want the bus for. If you are travelling out of your departure point and you are unsure of the route, use the journey search facility. It will tell you your options to get to your destination.

For bus wait times. Find the stop you want to board the bus from. Click on the stopwatch next to that stop and the bus wait times for all buses using that stop will load.

Train Live Departure Board and Real Time Tracking

Network Rail Live Departure Board will load whenever you search for a train

To access real time tracking, search for your station. If live tracking is available it will show a stopwatch. Clicking on the stopwatch will display the last passing point and time of passing for your train. Requires some knowledge of the train route


Buses and trains are as General instructions above

Clicking the London Underground Icon accesses London Underground, river buses, trams and cable car. Timetables will load showing current and next times

For current Underground conditions click on the word Status. Click on the ‘View Graphical’ button to access real time information for the selected line, then follow onscreen instructions

Through this site

Through this site you have access to every bus and train timetable, train live departure boards, train tracking, bus real time location with wait times and worldwide journey planning.

Search for any or as many bus timetables and train timetables as you want. If you don't know the route use the journey planner facility, it will show you the methods you can use to get to your destination.

This site is designed for the smart phone so you can use it wherever you get a signal

Bus timetables show departure times, not arrival times

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Timetables show now and next times, failing that, the next available times up to 24 hours later. If there is a problem with the times for your bus or train please tell us contact(at)buzs.me

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Enter the town or city name and choose from the list of bus routes that load.
Text codes are found on the flag of most UK bus stops. Text codes are unique to each bus stop.

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Enter the town or city of the departure or arrival station
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Select the line name below. The timetable that loads will reflect the route that is currently running. If your station is not shown, wait 2 minutes then click the button below again until your station shows or you can select the "View Graphical" button inside the timetable to view real time data and a full graphical representation of the line you selected.
Search for your journey by entering your journey start and end points below
Please select the name that appears below the text box as you type
Whenever you see the stopwatch symbol BuzsMe bus wait times click on it for real time information, such as bus wait times
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